Skin Conditions

There are many different skin conditions that Podiatrist see commonly on the foot. There are also many uncommon skin conditions that are seen in a podiatrist office. Any unknown rash, lesion, growth, or pigmentation change on the foot or ankle should be evaluated by your podiatrist. You should note when it started, if you were doing anything different when it started, if it is getting worse or larger, and if there are any other symptoms. This information will help your physician diagnosis the condition so appropriate treatment can be instituted.

Some of the more common seen skin conditions by a podiatrist are: dermatitis, callouses, corns, tinea pedis(fungus), and warts.
The medical study and treatment of the skin and its related structures is called Dermatology. Occasionally your podiatrist may refer you to a dermatologist for a confirmation or diagnosis. Both physicians are qualified to treat conditions of the skin on the foot.