Foot Associates of Central Texas, Round Rock Office is now offering medical grade pedicures in a private setting, allowing people with diabetes, fungal nail infections, and other ailments to feel safe and secure.   Our licensed pedicurist will pamper your feet under the supervision of a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon.  In fact, our instruments are sterilized using the same techniques a hospital uses to sterilize their surgical instruments.  If you want to be catered to in a spa setting with comfort and safety schedule an appointment today.  (512) 733-8600 (Call or Text)



Spa Menu

Dr. EXPRESS Spa Pedicure  $40

The not so basic pedicure for those in a bit of a hurry or just need a quick touch up with a quick pick me up for your achy feet.   This is a great pedicure for your lunch break.    Includes a foot soak, nail and cuticle care, gentle exfoliation, brief leg and foot massage and nail color application. (30 minutes).


The Pampered Patient Foot Spa Pedicure $60

Time to slow down and put your feet up!  You deserve this.   Our licensed pedicurist will give a foot soak, nail and cuticle care, gentle callus smoothing, scrub exfoliation, foot and leg mask with warm towel, your choice of a paraffin treatment or collagen foot sock (recommended for diabetics), relaxing foot and leg massage, and nail color application.   (60 Minutes)


Dr. GRIMM Nitty Gritty Foot Scrub and Spa Treatment  $60

Okay guys (and gals too), for those really embarrassing neglected feet that are just begging for a detoxification this one is for you.   We are not going to hold out and give you an hour long treatment to really go to town.  This pedicure is designed to help alleviate the microparticles with the power of Charcoal which can help draw dirt, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria to the surface of the skin to make removing them easier.  Our licensed pedicurist will give you a relaxing foot soak with activated Charcoal, nail and cuticle care, an exfoliating foot scrub, foot and leg mask with warm towel, and paraffin treatment, relaxing foot and leg massage, as well as nail clear or color application.  (60 minutes).


Dr. REMEDY Anti-Fungal Foot Scrub and Spa Treatment  $75 (bonus take home gift).

Let’s face it Fungus happens!  If you’re not sure if your thick crumbly toenails or that blistered red itchy skin is fungus you probably should schedule an appointment with Dr. Grimm first to diagnose it and get you on a treatment path.  Fungus treatment is a process and prevention for reinfection is necessary.   We put together an excellent spa package for those with fungus.   Includes Green Tea foot soak, nail and cuticle care, gentle callus smoothing, scrub exfoliation, foot and leg mask with warm towel, paraffin treatment and a relaxing foot and leg massage.  The last two parts of this treatment is application of Fungi Foam and Nail color application with Dr. Remedy Color Application.   But get this….to be extra cautious we are not going to reuse any bottle of Dr. Remedy polish so you’re taking the bottle with you. (60 minutes)


Dr. RELIEF Arthritis and Neuropathic Pain Pedicure.  $75

You won’t see this pedicure package option at any other Spa.  This one is only for current patients of Dr. Grimm and at his recommendation.   Ever want to be on an exclusive list here is your chance.   This spa package includes a 20 minute application of NOXYPURE (  Proprietary Nanobubble Technology is used to infuse billions of nanobubbles of oxygen and CO2 in water.  It is sterilized and transformed into a gel and is a safe and natural product and this high concentration of gas diffuses easily through the skin deep into tissues.   We actually are using scientific evidence to bring you this Spa Treatment to provide relief.  After the treatment our pedicurist will give you nail and cuticle care, relaxing foot and leg massage, as well as nail clear or color application.  Additional products can be purchased for home use.  (60 minutes).   


Single Treatments or Add-Ons

Paraffin Treatment $15

Collagen Foot Sock Treatment $15

Gentle Callus Smoothing $10

Toenail Polish Removal and Color Change $15

Dr. Remedy Removal and Color Change (you keep the bottle) $30

Nail Art (inquire about designs and options) $2 per nail.  

Aerosoft Sandals $35-$45


**All pedicures and spa treatments are performed by our licensed Pedicurist who has additional certification in Barbicide and Covid Protocols  Appointments are also available for evaluation, management, and treatment of foot and ankle conditions with Dr. Grimm, our licensed Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM).