Pediatric Flatfoot

Pediatric dysfunctional flatfoot is similar to an adult dysfunctional flatfoot with more of a tendency to be due to a congenital problem. Treatments of flatfeet in infants and children may also be different, as they are still in a development phase and more focus is on early treatment. If you have any questions about your child’s feet being flat, please consult a podiatrist.

Podiatric Care is greatly varied but may be conservative or surgical. When you go to your doctor, x-rays are usually required to evaluate the structure of your foot and discover or rule out other conditions. They may advise you on different shoewear or prescribe a custom made orthotic to try and control the foot structure. In some instances bone and soft tissue manipulation with casting or bracing may aid your child’s bone and foot structure development for prevention of future problems. Your podiatric physician may also recommend a surgical procedure to actually fix the structural problem of your foot.